Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Cynthia Rowley Resort 2017 collection presentation

Photo: Courtesy of Cynthia Rowley
On June 15, American fashion designer Cynthia Rowley presented her womenswear Resort 2017 collection at her design studio on 16 Morton Street in the West Village, New York City. Earlier in May, Ms. Rowley showed a sneak peek of the collection during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. Wanderlust is the one word that best describes this collection and some of the designer's passions. "It is my favorite collection of the year to design" Ms. Rowley stated, "because I love travel and big adventure, and I'll basically go anywhere if you ask me and invite me".

The embroidery throughout the collection is jaw-dropping with their vivid colors and rich detail. One of the best examples is a black close-fitting long skirt, with pink, yellow, blue and green, flower embroidered patterns. It blends in well in an exotic tropical market, and would also make a great stand-out piece in the deserts of Northern Africa. There are a plethora of strong separate pieces. Flared, embroidered pants can be worn with striped tops and patterned jackets for a cool look. According to the designer, "I feel like you should have the freedom and be fearless about mixing, you know if its a little bit eccentric its fine. I feel like the idea of one inspiration and one color story is really old fashioned."

If you are a woman that loves going to the beach there are really impressive wetsuits, swimsuits, plus soft top surf boards available. With joy in her eyes the Ms. Rowley said, "That's my thing! We've been doing wetsuits for five years and basically I am in danger of forgetting I have other responsibilities, like that's all I want to do. It's really fun! I love it!" Just looking at her gorgeous swimwear one can see why. The Cynthia Rowley Resort 2017collection, along with its lovely array of shoes and handbags will be available for purchase in December.

Wetsuit and surf board Photo: Courtesy of Cynthia Rowley

White and black dress Photo: Courtesy of Cynthia Rowley

Light blue pant suit Photo: Courtesy of Cynthia Rowley

Embroidered jacket, top and pants Photo: Courtesy of Cynthia Rowley

Cool mix and match Photo: ©Shawn Punch 2016

Shoes Photo: ©Shawn Punch 2016
Handbag Photo: ©Shawn Punch 2016
Cynthia Rowley and friends Photo: ©Shawn Punch 2016