Saturday, July 9, 2016

Ann Taylor Fall Winter 2016

Ann Taylor F/W 2016 ©Shawn Punch 2016
On Wednesday April 20, Creative Director Austyn Zung unveiled her Ann Taylor Fall Winter 2016 collection with a fashion show presentation held at the Ann Taylor showroom, located at 7 Times Square in New York City. This collection of thirty ready-to-wear outfits and accessories for women is elegant, strong, confident and pretty. There are choices galore for any woman to wear lovely clothes any day of the week.

According to Ms. Zung, "For the collection we were slightly inspired by the 1960s style icons, British and French, such as Françoise Hardy and Catherine Deneuve. You see it in subtle gestures. We don't go literal with anything but we definitely nod to that." She added "You'll see it in the trapeze shapes and the cropped pants that show the ankles, and the block heels. And we have a lot of fun with patterns, jacquard, you'll see some pattern around opulent bright reds and golds, and a lot of animal in ready-to-wear and also the accessories."

The designer always strive to bring femininity and strength together in order to..."have the clothes be incredibly versatile. I thinks this idea of versatility is really important to women today; who ask can I take that jacket and wear it in six different ways?" These clothes can be worn to transition smoothly from work during the day, to dinner or a chic event in the evening. Please click on link to view all looks from Ann Taylor Fall Winter 2016 collection.

White pant & scarf with off-white sweater Photo: ©Shawn Punch 2016

Fur and flower pattern pant suit Photo: ©Shawn Punch 2016

Orange and blue jacquard patterns Photo: ©Shawn Punch 2016

Gold flower patterns Photo: ©Shawn Punch 2016

Feminine and strong looks Photo: ©Shawn Punch 2016

Vivid colors and patterns Photo: ©Shawn Punch 2016

Color blocking and flora prints Photo: ©Shawn Punch 2016

Jewelry, shoes and fur Photo: ©Shawn Punch 2016

Guest attend Ann Taylor Fall Winter 2016 presentation Photo: ©Shawn Punch 2016